About Us

Quinta Hobby is a group of different individuals with a single objective, the bring closer the community to the wide universe of Hobbies, focusing on scale modeling, on an open space where they can learn, enjoy and participate on all the activities we have prepared for them.


Our main goal is to deliver a free and open space to all our participants, family and friends, to meet, learn and participate of all the Hobbies we present, and also giving a place to different collectors, exhibitors, historical reenactors, among others, that are related to scale modeling, science fiction and animation.


Quinta Hobby previously held smaller events, gathering all the experience acquired, evolving into what it is today, an event that already has two instances held during October 2018 in Viña del Mar, and February 2019 in Valparaiso, Chile, with media coverage, and support of national and international brands.


Quinta Hobby is composed of different modelers and collectors, who based on our experience, seek delivery and provide an instance with the best environment and camaraderie, sharing and enjoying with all participants. This is our Staff.

Roberto Mancinelli Salinas
Patricio Araya Acosta
Luis Garrido Arias
Bryam Álvarez Stevenson
Nestor Cortés Castro
Osvaldo Baez Bezama
Mauricio Lister Bascur
Pablo Suazo Véliz